Florida Personal Injury Attorney: Did You Know Car Seats Have Expiration Dates?

by Carmen Dellutri on October 31, 2011

Florida personal injury attorneyWe all know that the mayonnaise stashed in the back of the refrigerator has an expiration date, but did you know that the same is true for car seats? Since car seats are the best defense for children in the event of a Florida car accident, we want to make sure parents are aware of this little known fact.

Although each manufacturer determines the specific useful life for its seats, six years is the general recommendation. The reasons for an expiration date include possible degradation of the plastic shell or other parts, the possible loss/breakage of parts, and the fact that older seats sometimes do not meet current government safety standards. Also, the seat may have been part of a recall that was missed.

According to Lesley Seaton, a spokesperson for the SafeKids Northeast Florida, using an expired car seat is one of the common mistakes parents and caregivers make when it comes to child safety seats. She said parents should always check the seat's manual for an expiration date or check the seat itself. Many manufacturers imprint “DO NOT use this car seat after Month, Year” on the bottom of every car seat.

Patton is now spreading the word: Check your child's car seat for an expiration date.

"If you've had a kid within the past five years and you're just having another, you need to go and look at all your equipment," said Patton.

Source: KSDK.com

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