Did Ambulance Delays Lead to the Death of a Florida Man?

by Carmen Dellutri on November 2, 2011

Florida truck accident attorneyA Florida man is questioning if more could have been done to save his friend’s life, after they waited over 40 minutes for an ambulance to take him to the hospital. Bob Rowe dropped his friend, Paul Anderson, 80, off at Marco Island Urgent Care after he complained of not feeling well. As Rowe anxiously waited for Anderson to be transported to NCH Downtown Naples Hospital, his condition deteriorated into unconsciousness. Anderson ultimately died of a stroke a few days later.

As Florida personal injury attorneys, we also wonder if Anderson’s death could have been prevented. According to Rowe, he dropped off Anderson at Marco Island Urgent Care sometime after 8:30 a.m. However, he was not taken to the hospital until sometime around 9:22.

During the 40 minutes Anderson waited for help, at least three EMS ambulances were called to the scene and then canceled. 911 recordings indicate that at least one Collier dispatcher believed NCH would transport Anderson to the hospital. Two other recordings indicated EMS would handle the transport.

As reported by Naples News, NCH Healthcare System’s reported unpaid bills to Collier County EMS, policy disputes about transporting NCH patients from one hospital to another, poor communication to ambulance drivers, and a late driver that day all may have played a part in Anderson’s death.

Sadly, Rowe, who did his best to save his friend, is the only one taking responsibility at this point. “I was all that he had, and I let him down,” Rowe said.

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