Florida Boating Accident Highlight Propeller Safety

by Carmen Dellutri on November 9, 2011

Florida tubing injuryA young Tampa girl was seriously injured by a boat propeller during a recent outing on Lake Taray. The tragic Florida boat accident highlights that while a boat propeller is key to moving around on the water, it also poses a serious risk to those getting in and out of the boat.

According to authorities, the girl was seriously injured while out tubing on the lake. "Somehow as she was trying to get back in the boat the prop hit her and she sustained injuries," said George Wells of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission.

As Florida personal injury attorneys, we want Florida boaters to understand that being careless about equipment can lead to accidents and potential liability. That’s why it’s important to be alert about what is going on in and around the boat at all times. In this case, local boaters and the authorities all agree that the accident could have been avoided.

To avoid a tragic boating accident, below are a few key safety tips to keep in mind:

  • Shut the engine off before anybody boards the boat or gets out of the boat.
  • Use extreme caution when you're towing someone behind your boat.
  • Make sure kids keep away from the back of the engine.

For more boating safety tips, please check out our previous blog post available here.

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