Risk Highest for Teen Drivers During First Month on Florida Roads

by Carmen Dellutri on November 10, 2011

Naples personal injury attorneyTeen drivers are approximately 50 percent more likely to get into a Florida car accident in the first month of having their license than they are after a full year of driving experience, according to a new study. The study found 57 percent of the crashes that involved teen drivers in their first month behind the wheel typically involved three common mistakes: failure to reduce speed, inattention, and failure to yield.

While the results are disconcerting, we shouldn’t be surprised, according to John Pecchio, Tampa-based manager of AAA Traffic Safety.

"When a teenager gets a leaner's permit, typically he or she is riding with parents or other adults, usually in the daytime, in reduced traffic areas, on familiar roads – for the most part, we're finding that it is usually to and from school," Pecchio says.

"But once they get their license, they move on to that next phase: they are often unsupervised, their nighttime driving increases, they travel more on unfamiliar routes and they often have peers in the cars with them, which adds to the distraction. All that plays a large part in explaining that statistic."

While we suspect these statistics are enough to keep most Florida parents up at night, the good news is that once a teen gains some experience, crashes declined in number and frequency.

According to the study: "The high initial rate and subsequent steep decline in certain types of crashes appeared to reflect teens' initial inexperience followed by rapid learning. Crash types that decline more lowly appear to result not from lack of understanding, but from failure to master certain driving skills."

So what can parents do to help their teens avoid a Florida car accident? The experts stress that continuing to practice driving skills, limiting the number of passengers in the car, reducing night driving, and setting ground rules can all help to improve teen driving safety.

Source: Sun Sentinel

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