Florida Car Accident Attorney: Are Hybrid Cars Safer?

by Carmen Dellutri on December 6, 2011

Sarasota accident lawyerWe all know that hybrid cars are good for the environment. But are they safe? As Florida personal injury attorneys, we have always wondered how these vehicles stack up against similar models in a Florida car accident.

Last week, federal safety regulators answered that question. New research by the Highway Loss Data Institute (HLDI), an affiliate of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, shows that hybrids fare better than their conventional counterparts when it comes to shielding their occupants from injuries in crashes. In fact, the odds of being injured in a crash are 25 percent lower for people in hybrids than people traveling in non-hybrid models.

Why? Turns out it’s all about physics.

"Weight is a big factor," says Matt Moore, HLDI vice president and an author of the report. "Hybrids on average are 10 percent heavier than their standard counterparts. This extra mass gives them an advantage in crashes that their conventional twins don't have."

Although hybrids share the same footprint and structure as their conventional counterparts, they outweigh them because of the added heft of battery packs and other components used in dual-power systems. At about 3,600 pounds, a hybrid Honda Accord midsize sedan, for example, can weigh as much as 480 pounds more than a conventional Accord. A hybrid Toyota Highlander, a midsize SUV, weighs about 4,500 pounds, compared with about 4,170 pounds for the conventional Highlander.

While this study is good news for drivers of hybrid vehicles, a separate study revealed not such good news for pedestrians. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post to find out why.

Source: IIHS

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