Florida Car Accident Attorney: Do Hybrid Cars Put Pedestrians at Risk?

by Carmen Dellutri on December 7, 2011

Fort Myers personal injury attorneyIn yesterday’s post, we discussed a recent safety study that found hybrid vehicles generally fare better than their conventional twins in a Florida car accident. Although hybrids are a safer alternative for drivers, another study reveals that they are not without their risks.

In fact, hybrids may be as much as 20 percent more likely to be involved in pedestrian crashes with injuries than their conventional counterparts, according to analysis by the Highway Loss Data Institute (HLDI), an affiliate of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

The Study Protocol

Analysts examined how frequently injury claims were filed for 17 hybrids and their non-hybrid counterparts when there was no related collision or property damage. Studied vehicles included 2002-10 full hybrid models and their standard twins during 2004-2010 calendar years, totaling 25,382 bodily injury liability claims and 2.9 million years of exposure.

Claim frequencies were defined as claims per 1,000 insured vehicle years (an insured vehicle year is 1 vehicle insured for 1 year or 2 for 6 months each, etc.). The analysis controlled for calendar year, rated driver age, rated driver gender, marital status, risk, registered vehicle density, garaging state, vehicle series, and vehicle age.

Why Are Hybrids More Dangerous for Pedestrians?

"When hybrids operate in electric-only mode pedestrians can't hear them approaching," says Moore, "so they might step out into the roadway without checking first to see what's coming."

As more hybrids take to the streets, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is working to address the pedestrian safety risks. Earlier this year, Congress gave the agency three years to come up with a requirement for equipping hybrids and electric models with sounds to alert unsuspecting pedestrians.

Source: IIHS

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