Cape Coral Intersections Made Safer to Prevent Florida Pedestrian Accidents

by Carmen Dellutri on January 2, 2012

Fort Myers personal injury attorneyAs Cape Coral personal injury attorneys, we are pleased to share that two local intersections will be changed to help prevent future Florida pedestrian accidents. The intersections are located near the scene of a 2010 accident that killed a 13-year-old boy.

Ryan Santos died April 27, 2010, while trying to cross Del Prado Boulevard. He was on his way to nearby Burton Park near what is now the RaceTrac station when he was struck by a car.

To make the intersections safer, right turns only will be allowed from Northeast Third Terrace and Northeast Second Terrace once the work is completed next spring, Lee County traffic engineer Steve Jansen stated in a recent update to Cape Coral’s Transportation Advisory Commission.

“People leaving the park and RaceTrac will have to make a right turn and a U-turn to go north,” Jansen said.

Eliminating left turns from the side streets means one fewer source of cars to watch for as people try to cross Del Prado, Jansen said. About 30,000 cars pass through the area each day.

The county also is considering ending left turns at Southeast 47th Terrace by southbound drivers on Del Prado to help traffic move better. The traffic signal would remain so drivers on 47th Terrace could have a chance to cross Del Prado.

Another possible change is altering the length of the right turn onto Del Prado from Cape Coral Parkway and lowering the speed limit from Southeast 44th Street to Cape Coral Parkway to 35 mph. Two to three years of monitoring will be needed to verify whether the changes improve safety, Jansen said.

Councilmen Kevin McGrail and Chris Chulakes-Leetz liked the idea of slowing down traffic and gave also suggested increased enforcement of traffic law could also help improve pedestrian and driver safety.


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