What Can Florida Drivers Lean from Aircraft Pilots?

by Carmen Dellutri on January 6, 2012

Cape Coral accident attorneyWith all the talk about distracted driving, we came across an interesting article written by a former Air Force pilot, Maj. Gen. Perry Smith. As a pilot who flew more than 3,400 hours, mostly in single-seat fighter aircraft, he has some novel advice for Florida drivers—adopt the pilot’s mindset every time you get behind the wheel.

As Gen. Smith notes, “Whenever pilots climb into airplanes, they normally have the following mindset – either the weather, another aircraft, or your own airplane may soon put you in grave danger. Hence, pilots plan their trips carefully and anticipate trouble from the time they start their engines until they are safely parked on the tarmac at their final destination.”

As Florida personal injury attorneys, we think this same approach can help drivers avoid Florida car accidents.

“Whenever you climb into the driver’s seat of a car, a boat, a bicycle, or an airplane, please remind yourself that someone or something may soon cause the death of everyone in your car,” he writes.

Gen. Smith also offers some specific tips, which are also worth sharing:

  • If you observe anyone driving erratically, pull off to the side of the road and wait until that vehicle is completely out of your way. If you can get a license plate and vehicle type, call the police.
  • Always keep both hands on the steering wheel so if you have a tire blow out, someone hits your car or you start sliding in the rain, snow or ice, you have a better chance of maintaining control.
  • Keep your vehicle in good mechanical shape. Be sure to follow the guidelines in your owner’s manual and change oil, rotate tires, check tire wear, check all the belts, fluids, etc., at the proper mileage points.
  • As you drive at night, keep a close eye on the sides of the road for deer or other animals who may soon cross your path. Their eyes will usually show up as reflections from your headlights or the headlights of others.
  • Avoid having tunnel vision and watching only the road ahead. This is the tendency of both young drivers and very old drivers.
  • When you purchase your next car, get adaptive cruise control. When someone ahead who has no brake lights jumps on the brakes suddenly, your car will instantly slow down. This system works really well.
  • Turn off your cell phone before you start your car so you will not be tempted to answer it or to send a text message.

Source: Augusta Chronicle

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