Social Media Continues to Impact Florida Personal Injury Lawsuits

by Carmen Dellutri on January 18, 2012

Cape Coral accident attorneySocial media continues to impact Florida personal injury lawsuits. In the latest development, a juror was kicked off a civil trial jury after trying to “friend” the defendant on Facebook.

As Florida personal injury attorneys, we know how important it is for jurors to follow the rules, primarily because it helps ensure fairness to all sides. During the trial, jurors are instructed not talk about the case with other jurors, or with other persons, or allow people to talk about the case in their presence. These same rules apply to social media as well.

In this most recent case, Jacob Jock was in a jury pool for a personal injury lawsuit involving a Florida traffic accident when he decided to look up people in the case to see if he knew them. When he came across the female defendant’s profile, Jock claims he “accidentally friend requested her.”

The next day, the woman informed her attorney about the friend request, and Senior Circuit Judge Nancy Donnellan told jurors not to discuss the case with anyone or use the Internet to find out more information. While Jock initially denied sending the friend request, he later admitted he has done it “by accident.”  He was dismissed after the judge admonished him.

With the growing popularity of sites like Twitter and Facebook, this is just one of many cases involving jurors’ improper use of social media sites. To address the problem, judges are trying to take back control by threatening jurors with contempt of court charges if they talk about cases in status updates or contact parties to the lawsuit. This summer, a Texas juror sentenced to two days of community service for sending a friend request to the defendant and discussing the case on Facebook.

Source: Forbes

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