Florida Woman Awarded $1.26 Million in Dog Bite Case

by Carmen Dellutri on March 6, 2012

Port Charlotte personal injury attorneyA Florida dog-bite victim was recently awarded $1.26 million by a Florida jury, compensating her for injuries caused by a vicious 2007 attack. The dog, an Akita, attacked Marie Tatman as she was walking through Melbourne’s Wickham Park during a dog show.

“She walked by the dog and out of the blue he went for her and grabbed her by the ankle,” according to Tatman’s attorney. “He literally crushed her ankle. It was a gruesome injury.”

During the seven-day trial, the dog’s owner, Sally Jaffe, of Mims, had attempted to blame Tatman, alleging she had tripped over the dog. However, the dog had a record of prior attacks.

According to a Brevard County Animal Services and Enforcement investigation, the dog had previously bitten at least four people in Illinois and was determined to be a dangerous dog. However, the dog was ultimately allowed to be transferred to Florida, where it ended up with Jaffe.

As a result of her injuries, Tatman’s left leg is three inches shorter than her right. She now wears custom-made orthopedic shoes and uses a three-wheel walker.

Her attorney said the money will help Tatman pay for the medical expenses from five surgeries after the attack, as well as help compensate the couple for expenses incurred because of her physical limitations.

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