Naples Car Accident Attorneys: Are We Prepared for an Influx of Older Drivers?

by Carmen Dellutri on March 16, 2012

Naples injury attorneyAs Naples car accident attorneys, we are concerned by a new report warning that our transportation system is not prepared for the influx of older drivers that will come as the baby boomer generation begins to turn 65. The report, released by national non-profit transportation research group TRIP, specifically concludes that the current system is “inadequate to offer the mobility and safety demanded by older Americans.”

As TRIP highlights, older drivers are involved in a disproportionately high share of traffic fatalities. In 2010, there were 5,750 fatalities in crashes involving at least one driver 65 or older. Moreover, although drivers 65 and older account for eight percent of all miles driven, they account for 17 percent of all traffic fatalities.

“The growing ranks of older Americans will far outpace previous generations with their level of mobility and activity. Serving their needs will require a transportation system that includes safer roads, safer vehicles, safer drivers and improved choices,” said Will Wilkins, executive director of TRIP. “Congress can help not only older drivers, but all drivers by passing long-term federal surface transportation legislation now.”

As part of its report, TRIP has issued the following recommendations to improve the mobility and safety of older Americans:

  • SAFER ROADS: clearer, brighter and simpler signage with large lettering; brighter street markings, particularly at intersections; widening or adding left-turn lanes and extending the length of merge or exit lanes; adding rumble strips.
  • SAFER DRIVERS: promoting education and training programs for older drivers; evaluating and monitoring “at risk” older motorists through appropriate licensing requirements.
  • SAFER VEHICLES: improving vehicles to help withstand and avoid crashes.
  • IMPROVED CHOICES: ensuring public transit routes, vehicles, facilities and stops are easily accessible and accommodating to older or disabled passengers; and expanding non-traditional approaches tailored to the needs of older adults.

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