Fort Myers Accident Attorney: Seat Belts and Other Safety Measures Save Lives

by Carmen Dellutri on March 26, 2012

Fort Myers car accident attorneyAs Fort Myers accident attorneys, we repeatedly highlight how important seat belts and other safety measures are to preventing injuries in a serious car accident. Now we have additional statistics to back us up.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently released a report that shows just how many lives are saved each year because of seat belts, child restraints, air bags, minimum-age-drinking laws, and motorcycle helmets. It also reveals how many more lives could have been saved if everyone adopted these safety measures.

Below are some of the statistics from 2010:

  • Seat belt use: The use of seat belts in passenger vehicles saved an estimated 12,546 lives. Seat belts have saved over 69,000 lives during the 5-year period from 2006 to 2010.
  • Airbag technology: 2,306 lives were saved by frontal air bags (occupants 13 and older).
  • Helmet use: Motorcycle helmets saved 1,550 lives.
  • Alcohol laws: 21-year-old-minimum-drinking-age laws saved 550 lives.
  • Child restraints: 303 lives (age 4 and younger) were saved by child restraints (child safety seats and lap/shoulder belts).

Unfortunately, these figures could have been higher. The NHTSA estimates that an additional 3,341 lives would have been saved in 2010 if all unrestrained passenger vehicle occupants 5 and older involved in fatal crashes had worn their seat belts. Further, if all motorcyclists had been helmeted, then an additional 706 lives would have been saved.

The Dellutri Law Group is focused on making bad situations better and putting lives back together. If you or someone you love has been seriously injured in a Fort Myers car accident caused by someone else’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation.

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